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      website updated on 26 Apr 2019


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      The Raymond Williams Society has its annual conference 26-27 Apr in Manchester. RWF is sponsoring a Keywords session on the 27th. more information and to book

      We are running our 31st Raymond Williams Foundation Weekend at Wortley Hall on May 24th -26th 2019. "100 years and Beyond:Reframing Radical Adult Education for the Contemporary World" more here

      The History, Culture and Politics of Berwick upon Tweed
      Saturday 17th November 2018 Day school was well attended with 30 delegates. Read a transcript of a very interesting lecture by John Home Robinson - retired Labour MP & MSP here

      "BEYOND CRISIS Reassessing Raymond Williams' Cultural Materialism" One of our trustees, Steve Woodhams, has found reference to an interesting conference in Germany last January. Report here

      donate button facility has been added to the website here

      Another series of WMC Literature Weekends has been organised see programme etc here

      Our "Larkin weekend" at Wortley hall on Mar 16-18 was very successful in spite of the "Beast from the East". see evaluation here

      Reflections on Raymond Williams to mark 30 years since his death on 26 January 1988 by Terry Eagleton, Elinor Taylor, Jacob Soule, Patrick Parrinder, Derek Tatton and others.
      Here and here on the RWS website. Also it has been taken up and reprinted on the Verso website Here

      How did writers and thinkers such as William Morris, E.P. Thompson and Raymond Williams establish a long British tradition of 'cultural democracy', and what can we take from them in the 21st century? Listen to this podcast

      If you are interested in reading/writing/research, then you may well want to benefit from our Reading Retreat Scheme more

      There is?an initiative to save key records from the wave of workers’ co-operatives in the 1970s-1990s which is getting under way this Spring. more

      If you would like to set up a Discussion Circle in your local pub or community centre then you have notes for over 235 topics to chose from right here within the RWF website!
      Have a browse here



      BOOK FOR OUR 31st Raymond Williams Foundation Weekend "100 Years and Beyond: Re-framing Radical Adult Education for the Contemporary World" at Wortey hall May 24 -26th 2019 Featuring SIR ALAN TUCKETT HERE
      This course is full for residents but non-residents are very welcome

      Comment on anything to do with the RWF on our PADLET

      Raymond Williams
      Taking as our guide the ideas of Raymond Williams, which he developed in his many and varied writings, we are a Charity whose trustees aim to continue his 'Long Revolution'.

      The Raymond Williams Foundation (RWF) commitments are specifically within the sphere of Adult Education.
      Williams spent many years teaching adult students who came to him through the WEA and his extensive range of essays and lectures on education, published by NIACE in 1993,* offer a seaching analysis of the conditions for a genuine learning society.
      In a time when the liberal adult education which Williams knew and respected (summarised in his statement "I've often defined my own social purpose as the creation of an educated and participating democracy") is needed as much as ever, we will help sustain and extend that tradition supporting courses and disadvantaged students through grants and bursaries

      Our Aims

      To Support :-

      If you would like to donate to help us in our aims then go to our
      donate button page

      Raymond Williams portrait

      Digital portrait of Raymond Williams by Stephen Samuel, unveiled at Wortley Hall, Sun 18th October 2015 Report of Event

      RWF are delighted to support ทดลองใช้ฟรี สล็อต เครดิต ฟรี ล่าสุด 2019by including information within this website